Natural disasters represent nature at its most destructive form. The wrathful form of the Four Elements of nature -Earth, Water, Fire and Wind -experienced through earthquakes, landslides, volcanoes, floods, tsunamis, forest fires and wind storms are caused due to interruption in the relationships of these four elements in nature. It is believed in many indigenous communities that the key to mitigate the impact of disasters lies in living in harmony with these four elements of nature as they are not just causes of disasters but also nurture mankind. In this context, local communities around the world have adapted cultural and traditional practices to live in harmony with nature. These are invaluable sources of knowledge and local technology developed over many centuries. Since the main objective of the Conference is to highlight the indigenous practices and traditions in mitigating the impact of disasters, the International Conference on Disaster Management and Cultural Heritage, therefore adopted the theme “Living in Harmony with the Four Elements”.

-Published by Division for Conservation of Heritage Sites