Bhutan is home to a variety of heritage sites. We have scared Dzongs and temples, archaeological ruins, old houses, as well as beautiful villages and landscapes. With the onset of rapid development, some of the heritage sites succumb to destruction due to a lack of awareness about their value. Many heritage buildings have undergone changes without respecting the authenticity and diversity of architecture and construction techniques. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every individual to prevent such changes and protect our heritage sites.

This book provides the basic information about heritage sites including information on World Heritage in both Dzongkha and English languages. Bhutan ratified the World Heritage Convention in 2001 and has submitted eight properties on its Tentative List in 2012 as a preliminary step toward nominating sites to the World Heritage List. This book aims to encourage Bhutanese to understand what heritage is and how an individual can contribute towards protecting our heritage sites.

– Published by Division for Conservation of Heritage Sites