Project Objectives
1.To create awareness among the Bhutanese people on the importance of conserving architectural heritage such as dzongs, lhakhangs, goenpas, vernacular building and other histroic structures, especially those which are closely related to people’s daily life.
2.To encourage the Bhutanese to participate in the conservation of the architectural heritage in their locality.
3.To provide any opportunity for people to exchange views and ideas on conserving architectural heritage in the country.This could help in the creation of appropriate principles and methods on conservation which are also based on Bhutanese local cultural values.
4.To analyse and study how conservation of architectural heritage is “viewed” by the Bhutanese people, especially the youth, so as to effectively plan further awareness programs.
5.To provide the prize winners with an opportunity to learn about heritage conservation principles and methods of other countries which could encourage them to create awareness of the values of conservation of architectural heritage and initiate such activites within their community.

Published by Division for Conservation of Heritage Sites