Yeshi Lhendup, Sr. Librarian at the NLAB. He graduated from Simtokha Rigney School and Institute of Language of Cultural Studies, Simtokha, and joined NLAB in 2007. Within 14 years of service and having undergone various training in the field of library and research; his expertise includes library management, intangible cultural heritage research, translation and editing of research papers, digitization and management of archival materials, and management of research projects. He has authored several publications on the subject of religo-cultural history. He is the representative and member of both national and international committees for the International Association of Tibetan Studies (IATS), USA, Tibetan Resource Working Group (TRWS), the USA, Draft Policy Planning, Committee member, Department of Youth and Sports, Thimphu, and National Film Review Board member and Jury of National Film, Award, Bhutan Film Commission, Ministry of Information and Communication.

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