Pema Wangchuk is an architect in the Division for Conservation of Heritage Sites (DCHS) since 2017. He is an alumnus of the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi of 2015 batch. He was awarded a gold medal for the best architectural thesis for the 2014-2015 academic year.  Prior to joining DCHS, he worked under the guidance of Dasho Karma Ura, President, Centre for Bhutan Studies for the preparation of blueprints of two stupas at two highway passes, Phruemshingla and Pelela, to commemorate the royal birth of the Gyalsay in 2016. Since joining the office, he has been involved in the conservation, preservation, and promotion of immovable tangible cultural properties. He is the project architect for Lingzhi Dzong Conservation and Chimi Lhakhang Development projects. He jointly prepared the management plan for Paro Taktshang and associated cultural sites. He is also involved in the research and study of traditional houses in Bhutan. He takes a keen interest in the field of architectural survey and chronological studies of the traditional structures from monuments to vernacular houses. Currently, he is the coordinator for the documentation and inventory of the heritage sites project. Besides his regular office mandates, he is the focal person for the Tourism Council of Bhutan, and review committee of the National Youth Policy, and a technical working member for Bhutan’s participation in Dubai Expo 2020.