Start date: 13 February 2023

End date: 27 April 2023

Deadline to apply: 20 January 2023

Place: Thimphu and Punakha


With the aim to develop the private sector in the field of heritage conservation, the Department of Culture has successfully conducted the first ever training on conservation of heritage buildings from 14 February 2022 to 31 May 2022. In the first cohort of this training program, the Department has trained ten (10) technical professionals (five architects and five civil engineers) from private organizations. This first cohort of trainees now has the basic knowledge and skills to work on the heritage sites of Bhutan. After the completion of the training, the Department has supported the trained professionals through engagement of documentation and inventory of heritage sites.  The Department will continue to create various opportunities and avenues for the trainees to continually use their skills in conservation of heritage sites. There will be employment opportunities and job creation in the market in the conservation of heritage sites. The Department is also venturing into the outscoring of the works on heritage buildings to the private entities in the 13th Five Year plan (July 2023- June 2028). It is thus imperative to provide a platform where the relevant technical professional can learn and upgrade their skill in the field of conservation of heritage buildings, leading to the professionalization of heritage experts. This training program will also fulfil the Department’s aspiration to address the pertinent challenge of unwarranted works that will cause irreversible damage to heritage buildings. Following the successful completion and recognition of the first training program, the Department is pleased to announce the 2nd training program on conservation of heritage buildings from 13 February 2023 to 27 April 2023. 

Overview of the training program:

 For the protection and conservation of heritage sites for prosperity, the Department is exploring means to address the pertinent challenge of unwarranted works that will cause irreversible damage to heritage buildings. One approach is to explore and train the existing pools of technical personnel in the private sector. With this aim for professionalization of heritage experts and manager and foster privatization of woks on heritage sites, the Department is planning to conduct annual training program on the conservation of heritage buildings. This particular training program will be an annual event and perquisite for entering into the field of conservation of heritage sites. Upon completion of this level I Certificate course, the interested candidates can peruse further training program to be recognized as heritage managers and experts.

Course Programme

The course curriculum is designed so that participants can learn about basic principles and approaches to the conservation of heritage sites. The national experts from the Department of Culture and renown international experts in the field of cultural heritage will deliver the lecture in the training program. The course is divided into eight interconnected sessions following the procedure of conservation practice. It includes classroom lectures, work sessions, on-site studies, discussions, and field visits to the ongoing conservation projects under the Department.

Course fees:

Course participation is free of charge for the selected participants. Working lunch and tea will be served for the training period in Thimphu. The Department of Culture will arrange the logistics and meals during the field visits. A daily subsistence allowance (DSA) for 5 working days and travel allowance will be paid for the practical assignment (Session 08).   


The course is designed for a maximum of 10 participants (5 architects and 5 civil engineers). The course is open to private technical (architects and engineers) professionals having a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture/ Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering.

Requirement for application:

Please submit the following documents to apply to this training program:

1. Portfolio (A complete professional curriculum vitae).

2. Academic certificate (valid CDB certificate for Architects only) and transcripts, copy of the Citizenship ID and valid security clearance.

3. Statement of Purpose- motivation for the attendance of the training course (maximum of 300 words). 

4. Presentation on the statement of purpose (to be presented on 13th February, 2023)

Certification Criteria:

To get certificate of the training program, the participant should fulfil all the following conditions:

1.    Full attendance of the lecture series.

2.    Report submission: Session 08- Field visit

3. Report submission and presentation: Unit 08- Practical Assignment and assessment. 

Application deadline

 Applications must be received by the Department of Culture by 20 January 2023 to ensure inclusion in the selection process.

 For further information regarding the course, please contact:

Mr. Yeshi Samdrup (Course Coordinator) e-mail: or 17575918